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Bonnie Greetings and Activities

Hi Families! I want to let you know that we will be celebrating birthdays and unbirthdays when this is all done!

Teacher's message and pictures collage

I’m also sending a few more activities for the kids to try out!

Who’s that Pokemon

I know our group is familiar with pokemon! The idea is to paint or draw a pokemon. When that all done (and dry), take a sheet of blank paper (or tracing paper if you have it) and trace over the pokemon. Colour that tracing in with any colour you choose!
With my painting, I found it really helpful to fold the paper over the top of my canvas and use a piece of tape to secure it while tracing!

Pokemon con’t:
The BEST part: on youtube you can find clips of Ash and his friends asking who that pokemon is. Here’s the one for mine:

Table Top Coin Hockey

This is a great game to play with your child. You need 3 coins and a flat surface.
This video best explains it:

Keep It Moving! (Physical Activity Board Game)

This one is for the whole family! You can use the board on the next page OR you can ask your kids to help you make your own, which I would strongly recommend! (They are more likely to be invested in a game that they helped create the rules for!) You will need dice.

You can also print the next page out and use it as a board (Click on the button below). Have the kids find something in the house to be their ‘piece’. For example: a coin, an action figure, a battery, a piece of candy, a hair clip… Get creative!

As always, I am available through email if you have any questions about activities! I’m always so excited to hear how you and the kids are doing during all this. I miss them very much and can’t wait to see them again after things go back to normal. If you do try any of these activities, please send photos or feedback! I would love to hear how it went!
Talk to you soon!

Warren Laser Maze

Warren from Memorial School is going to show you how easy it is to make a laser maze from home!!

Fun with an empty Kleenex box

Get ready for some fun with Rilee from our Green Acres location as she shows you how to have some fun with an empty Kleenex box, a few whiffle balls and a belt … get ready to share your booty!

Lisgar Learns to Juggle

Bonnie from our Lisgar site is going to show you a few simple tricks to help you learn how to juggle!  Grab a few balls and give it a try!

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