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Business Leadership | Entrepreneurship

Emily O’Brien

Emily O’Brien is the founder of Comeback Snacks and star of the Digital Canaries series CRIMINALLY-ACCLAIMED™. An entrepreneur, social media […]

Emma Cubitt

Emma Cubitt is a Principal of Invizij Architects and specializes in housing, work with non-profits and sustainable design. Emma’s passions […]

Susan Clarkin

After working in the fashion industry for over 25 years, Susan Clarkin turned her passion and energy to home staging […]

Swarsh Mian

A compassionate woman and community leader, Swarsh Mian’s humanity shines in her eyes. Powerful determination is her true strength as […]

Trish Tonaj

Trish Tonaj believes in the power of storytelling. As a speaker on mentorship, Trish knows that sharing stories creates an […]

Vanessa Taylor

Vanessa Taylor is a young entrepreneur who has always had a passion for building, creating and helping others. She started […]

Veronica Dyer

For over 10 years, Veronica Dyer has been studying and practising art, design and web technologies. This has built her […]

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