Developmental Services Clients Gain Confidence with the “Shoot Your Shot” Basketball Program

Quick escape link leading to Weather Network websiteQuick Escape Michaela Walker (far left) poses with participants of our Developmental Services program. Michaela is completing her third workplace with YWCA Hamilton. She is a recent graduate of the Therapeutic Recreation program at Mohawk College.

Developmental Services Clients Gain Confidence with the “Shoot Your Shot” Basketball Program

Michaela Walker has two things on her mind: sports, and finding new ways to engage adults with disabilities through therapeutic recreation.

Michaela, in addition to being a fan of all things athletic, is a recent graduate of the therapeutic recreation program at Mohawk College. This winter, she was back at YWCA Hamilton for her third and final placement with her program, after completing her first work placement with us as well.

Therapeutic Recreation is used to help promote a sense of belonging, independence, and quality of life for individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social limitations. It could take the form of sports, games, arts and crafts, music, dance, or games. Therapeutic Recreation can help individuals improve their physical and cognitive abilities, increase confidence and self-esteem, foster greater involvement in the community, strengthen interpersonal skills and relationships, improve their coping and adaptation skills, and enhance their general wellbeing.

Our therapeutic recreation staff here at YWCA Hamilton offer services to our Developmental Services clients, either through day programming or in group homes.YWCA Hamilton’s approach to therapeutic recreation is person-centered care and a client-first approach. Michaela leads with these values in the way she develops programming for the clients in her care. When she saw that the developmental services clients at YWCA Hamilton expressed an interest in basketball, and a desire to join in friendly games they would witness at parks in particular, Michaela developed Shoot Your Shot, a therapeutic recreation basketball program to teach skills from the ground up.

Shoot Your Shot is designed to not only teach fundamentals of basketball like passing and shooting, but interpersonal skills like participation and working as a team. Coming from a large, athletic family, Michaela has a deep understanding of how sports can build confidence and foster a sense of belonging.

“Working in this environment is really rewarding – seeing the clients enjoy themselves, grow and learn, and gain confidence,” says Michaela.

Thank you, Michaela, for the passion and care you show for the Developmental Services clients, and the team at YWCA Hamilton!

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