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Developmental Services

We’re there for those who need us most.

Through our Developmental Services Department, YWCA Hamilton offers 24-hour Residential and Supported Independent Living programs that support adults with differing levels of independence and abilities. Services are designed to support individuals 18 years and older in building life skills, community safety skills, as well as in promoting community participation and social inclusion, which are key factors in developing lasting relationships.

Our Community Participation Day programs focus on delivering engaging recreational activities outside the home that promote health and wellness, build self-esteem, empowerment and social connections geared to both younger adults (Y’Art) and older adults (CASS).


Our Developmental Services staff are committed to providing exceptional essential care for our residents in our residential homes across the city. For the safety of our residents, we have restricted access to our homes to essential service workers only. Our Day Programs and access to the Snoezelen Room at 75 MacNab St. South is currently on hold and our day program staff continue to bring exciting programming into our client’s homes weekly in addition to ongoing virtual programming.

Community Participation Day programs and Fee-for-Service programs

Programs are offered on a seasonal basis, subject to change according to number of registrations. For more information on each program or to inquire as to the next available session, please call 905 522 9922 ext. 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org. Please email if you would like your email to be added to our seasonal newsletter promoting the registration of open programs.

We are committed to enhancing the opportunities that are offered to our community. If you have a suggestion or inquiry of programming that may benefit the community we serve please send your suggestion to cchesson@ywcahamilton.org

Developmental Services Online Participation Membership

Our Developmental Services Community Participation Program is pleased to announce the Developmental Services Online Membership for adults with a developmental disability to access online programming to decrease social isolation, enhance cognitive stimulation and promote emotional and psychological wellness for participants socially distancing at home.

Activity Kits, available with contactless delivery, for a fee of $5, and will provide the supplies needed to enjoy each program.

Registration with the Developmental Services Community Participation Program Membership can be completed over the phone or via email with cchesson@ywcahamilton.org or 905 522 9922 ext. 178 with payment options available through credit card or with mailed cheque.

The Membership is considered a Passport Funding reimbursable expense. We look forward to seeing everyone online!

Program Schedules and Resources

News and Events

Living her best life at YWCA Hamilton South Place

Day Programs

Order your Y-Home Activity Kits, a pre-packaged activity kit with all supplies and step-by-step instructions required for independent activity, safely delivered to your home (with $5 delivery fee) or curbside pick-up.  Y-Home Kits are available for jewelry making, artistic expression, sensory stimulation, physical activity and self-care creations! Inquire about holiday and special event themed kits!

Monthly $5 Delivery or Curbside Pick Up

Kits provide supplies and instructions for 1 independent activity.


Range $15 to $25+ according to kit supplies; payment option over the phone

Kit Themes

Email cchesson@ywcahamilton.org for list of kits, or inquire about personalized activity kit options.

Experience a multi-sensory environment that blends sights, sounds, textures and motion to provide stimulation of primary senses.

This client-centred room can be modified to meet specific goals and sensory needs to ensure every individual has an opportunity for meaningful relaxation and sensory awareness in a tranquil environment.


$10/hour with your own support staff (please inquire about one-time training fee for support staff)

$15/hour if a trained Therapeutic Recreation Practitioner staff is required.

Location: 75 MacNab Street South.

For more information or to register contact Chelsea Chesson at 905-522-9922 ext. 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org

The purpose of this therapeutic recreation-based program is to offer participants with a developmental disability the opportunity for new experiences through community involvement with support that helps develop social skills and relationships. There will be a focus on utilizing resources from YWCA Hamilton as well as from the City of Hamilton.

The P.A.T.H. program is a strengths based-program that will provide opportunity for participants to engage in daily goal-oriented activities that reflect their personal goals and desired pursuits. Each goal-oriented activity will promote social, psychological/emotional well-being in small group formats which may access community resources.

Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 1p.m.-3p.m.

Cost: $40/day, invoiced monthly

Currently accepting new participants for Monday sessions. 

Community Recreation to Enhance Wellness (C.R.E.W.)

The YWCA Hamilton C.R.E.W. program is most beneficial to participants that have some independent living skills with a 1:5 staff ratio.

Daily activities are designed to promote individual growth through creative expression (craft, art, creative writing, drama, music), group team-building games, fitness games, community outings, group volunteering. Activities address improved wellness in the following areas:

  • Independence in and awareness of the community
  • Psychological well-being and emotion regulation
  • Social networking and social interaction skills
  • Physical literacy, health and wellness
  • Intellectual and cognitive processes
  • Leisure, recreation and boredom busters

Dates: Mondays to Fridays (excluding stat holidays)

Time: 10a.m.-3p.m.

Cost: $200-$250/week

10% discount for full camp registrations (8 weeks).

Location: YWCA Hamilton, 75 MacNab St. S., Hamilton.

For more information, contact Chelsea Chesson at cchesson@ywcahamilton.org or 905-522-9922 ext. 178

  • $60 + tax for 8 Weeks
  • 8-week program designed to stretch and strengthen muscles while learning fun and safe ways to incorporate fitness into your daily lifestyle. This program will lead participants in adapted and accommodated physical activities to increase opportunities for physical activity each week.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $60 + tax for 8 weeks
  • Offers participants the opportunity to participate in calming mindfulness-based art activities with the purpose of enhancing mood and quality of life. All supplies included.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $40 + tax person session (one Saturday per month for up to 4 months)
  • Provides participants the opportunity to learn the skills and competencies of adventure therapy-based activities such as nature hikes, festival visits and various cultural events. Participants are guided in the community with staff to ensure appropriate accommodations and supports are received.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $40 + tax per session (one Saturday per month for up to 4 months)
  • Participants build creative energies, developing self-esteem, confidence and an increased understanding of socially appropriate emotional expressions through the use of dramatic arts activities.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $2 Drop-In Fee
  • All participants are invited to attend to play board games and more! Learn to problem solve, practice social skills and team build with friendly, enjoyable company.
  • Offered September to June on Thursday Evenings from 6 to 8pm

905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register

  • $60 + tax per 8 Week Session
  • Create beautiful Jewellery with your own unique and artistic flair! Beginnger and experienced jewelers are welcome to participate and discover a new creative outlet.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $60 + tax per 8 Week Session
  • Provides participants with the opportunity to learn new recipes within group activities with the purpose of educating participants on kitchen safety and healthy foods to increase independent living skills.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $60 + tax per 8 Week Session
  • Come join an innovative form of exercise that promotes the use of laughter as a physical form of exercise. No need to be funny or know jokes, just be ready to have fun and laugh your heart out!
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $60 + tax per 8 Week Session
  • Participate in an inclusive class where instructors will adapt techniques to individuals abilities.

905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register

  • $40 + tax per session (one Saturday per month for up to 4 months)
  • This fun and interactive workshop will provide the opportunity for participants with a photo taking device to practice photography skills and self-reflection. Participants will have the opportunity for their photos to be displayed to the public.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $60 + tax per 8 Week Session
  • 8 Week Certificate of Participation Workshop that will teach young men and women the skills to develop and maintain helathy, violence free relationships. Participants learn about rights and responsibilities, elements of healthy relationships and sexuality, social skills, effective communication, problem solving and generate a sense of agency in their personal bonds with others.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register
  • $40 + tax per session (one Saturday per month for up to 4 months)
  • A Certificate of Participation workshop that will help participants learn self-advocacy skills and the competencies to voice their opinions, make choices, participate in brain-storming/voting activities and learn about their rights.
  • 905 522 9922 ext 178 or cchesson@ywcahamilton.org to register

Community Participation Programs

This day program provides older adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in structured, community-based recreational and leisure activities. The emphasis of programming is on increasing or maintaining social, physical and emotional well-being and thereby enhancing each individual’s overall quality of life.

For more information please contact Carol Fraser, Manager Community Supports, at Cfraser@ywcahamilton.org or 905-522-9922 ext. 119

This day program is offered 3 days per week for adults with a developmental disability, focusing on self expression and creativity through various art mediums. Y’Art enhances communication, growth and community awareness skills.

For more information please contact Chelsea Chesson cchesson@ywcahamilton.org or 905-522-9922 ext. 178


This initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Community and Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) provides funding for individuals with a confirmed developmental disability and can be utilized for community participation and caregiver respite.

As a Service Provider Agency, YWCA Hamilton can assist individuals and their families with their funding allocation to meet goals that enhance the individual’s community participation as well as help to develop social skills, independent living skills, recreation and job readiness.

The focus is on interests and goals that are meaningful to the individual and that promote personal growth and development.

For more information, please contact Community Supports Manager Carol Fraser at 905-522-9922 ext. 119 or cfraser@ywcahamilton.org

Residential Programs

YWCA Hamilton operates a wide variety of housing options for adults with developmental disabilities. These include group homes, residential care facilities and supported apartment settings. All residential group living provide 24-hour support and supervision to adults with a Developmental Disability based on their abilities and skills associated with activities of daily living. The home environment provides residents with the opportunity to further gain independence building life skills, social and communication skills, and puts an emphasis on social inclusion and community participation.

For more information, please contact Tracey Helwig, manager Developmental Services  at 905-522-9922 ext. 153 or thelwig@ywcahamilton.org

A semi-independent housing model for 10 individuals located on the entire 6th floor of a geared-to-income city housing complex in partnership with Wesley Urban Ministries and St. Joseph’s Hospital. The program mandate is to provide permanent housing for individuals who are dually diagnosed and inappropriately placed within the hospital.

For more information, please contact Tracey Helwig 905-522-9922 ext. 153 or thelwig@ywcahamilton.org

YWCA Community Support Programs (CSP) and Supported Independent Living (SIL) provide in-home support to adults living with a developmental disability. Supports are based on individualized needs in all areas of daily living skills. The emphasis is on skill-building development and increasing or maintaining independence.

Recreation & Leisure activities are offered regularly to provide opportunities to enhance social skills and develop meaningful friendships.

For more information, please contact Carol Fraser, manager Developmental Services-Community Supports at 905-522-9922 ext. 119 or cfraser@ywcahamilton.org

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