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We are breaking down barriers.

For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 75 cents. If she’s a woman of colour, she will earn 60 cents.

With the support of our stakeholders and community, we’re breaking down barriers to achieve women’s economic equality. We are dedicated to helping low-income, marginalized groups and individuals overcome barriers to employment.

This project will address barriers in the secondary school systems in Hamilton to the representation of women in the trades and technology sectors. In collaboration with the local school boards, project staff will:

  • Conduct a gender based analysis of current practices and curricula to identify best practices for engaging young women in technical fields and skilled trades.
  • Develop an Implementation Plan and formal strategy focussing on engaging young women, educators and parents to address identified issues through the implementation of curricula changes and the development of teaching tools.
  • Utilize the strategy developed to guide an on-going review and assessment of the project.

For more information contact:

905-522-9922 ext. 144 

The YWCA Resource Centre offers a variety of training sessions and opportunities for upgrading skills in the following areas:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Smart Serve
  • Safe Food Handlers
  • MS Office Training
  • Résumé Writing and Interview Preparation
  • Career Cruising
  • Job Search Workshops

Services include:

  • Access to Fax, Phone, Printer
  • Job Search information and resources
  • Job Leads and Business Directories
  • Individual assistance for résumé writing and interview coaching

For information and registration, contact 905-522-9922 ext. 144

YWCA Hamilton is now welcoming Participants and Employers to The Opportunities Program (T.O.P). This program assists persons with self-disclosed disabilities to prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment. It focuses on the needs of each person and seeks to develop skills to improve their employability through one-on-one and group coaching at YWCA Hamilton and work placement through workplace experience.

T.O.P. provides up to 10 weeks of one-on-one and group support for individuals who self-identify with a disability that restricts their ability to find and maintain employment.

A 14-week supported paid work experience placement is available for participants who are seeking full-time, long-term employment.

To be eligible for the program, you must be:

  • A person with a self-disclosed disability
  • Not eligible for EI benefits or related services / programs
  • Legally entitled to work in Ontario; A Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to apply

Become a T.O.P. Employer:

  • Receive compensation for providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities.
  • Develop inclusive recruitment strategies to reduce turnover and build employee satisfaction.
  • Build a corporate culture; by building a business that is accessible and inclusive.
  • Work Assessments tailored to business needs.

T.O.P. Employees are trained in job-specific skills that can be tailored to employer requirements.

  • Soft skills include: Communication, Time Management, and Self-Esteem
  • Job-specific requirements include: Health & Safety, W.H.M.I.S., A.O.D.A.,  First Aid/CPR and  Financial Literacy
  • Smart Serve and Safe Food Handling

For more information on how to register your business as a T.O.P. employer or to register for the program, please contact:

Kathryn Wrong at 905-522-9922 ext. 318 or

Lisa Lehmann at 905-522-9922 ext. 179 or

Find your future in the skilled trades! No experience necessary!

This no-cost program provides participants with technical training and job coaching to start their career in the manufacturing sector. Participants receive hands-on training at Mohawk College, employability skills training and an 8-week placement related to their field.


What do machinists do?

General Machinists produce parts by interpreting drawings, selecting the most appropriate raw materials and performing calculations.  They use a variety of machines and tools to cut shapes. They finish metal to make precision machined parts and components used in all areas of manufacturing.


General Machinists are also responsible for setting up and operating both conventional and numerically controlled metal-cutting machines and equipment, including saws, drills, grinders, lathes and mills.


Program Requirements:

  • Female, 18 years or older
  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident (legally able to work in Canada)
  • Able to provide proof of Grade 12, GED or equivalent
  • Available full time for the length of the 6-month program


Important Dates:

  • Pre-Employment Training at YWCA Hamilton – April to May
  • Technical and In-Shop Training at Mohawk College – May to August
  • Work Placements – August to October


Please contact Deborah Schwientek at 905-522-9922 ext. 144 or

YWCA Hamilton Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) provides a sixteen week start-up program for entrepreneurs with little to no business experience, as well support for existing businesses who need assistance to grow. The program will include 10 weeks of peer-supported in-class sessions and up to 6 weeks of mentorship relevant to businesses entered in this program. Small business owners will be set-up for success by creating a detailed business plan, investigating creditable funding opportunities and be provided with networking opportunities all over Southern Ontario. By the end of the program, small business owners will be able to present their businesses to stakeholders interested in investing in small businesses.

Program Overview:

  • 10 Weeks of training sessions, twice per week
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions with a business coach
  • Monthly networking events
  • Small business networking opportunities
  • Access to funding sources and grants

For more information or to apply contact Shannon Cummings at 905-522-9922 ext. 176 or

This program is funded federally by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.


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