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Gender Based Violence Support Services

Everyone deserves to feel safe.

We work to end violence against women, girls and Two-Spirit LGBTQIA+ people through our advocacy and offer life-changing and life-saving supports to survivors.

Gender Based Violence Support Services

  • Transitional Housing Support Program

    Our Transitional and Housing Support Program offers a range of support to women and gender diverse individuals who are currently or have previously, experienced abuse in all its forms.

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  • SELF Project – Mother’s Matter Centre

    Dedicated to serving socially isolated and low economic status mothers and their families to deliver the Safe Space for an Early Learning Foundation (SELF) Project.

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  • JOIN Program

    Our Violence Against Women & Gender-Based Violence Services are designed to help newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women address their unique needs through community resources and referrals, short term sessional counseling and workshops

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  • NESS Fund

    YWCA Canada, in partnership with YWCA Hamilton launched Canada’s first National Emergency Survivor Support Fund (the NESS Fund). This initiative provides women, gender-diverse people and their families with financial support to leave unsafe homes or emergency shelters/precarious housing situations and begin their healing journeys.

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  • Supervised Parenting Services

    Supervised Parenting Services offers supervised parenting time in a safe, neutral, child-friendly environment in cases where safety is a significant concern.

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Gender Based Violence Support Stories

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