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Supervised Parenting Services

Supervised Parenting Services offers supervised parenting time in a safe, neutral, child-friendly environment in cases where safety is a significant concern.

Supervised Parenting Services

What service entails:

  • Fully trained staff to facilitate both on site services as well as virtual services
  • A child-friendly, safe, neutral space
  • Staff that is not acting as an agent for either party
  • Staggered arrival/departure times to eliminate contact between the parties
  • Factual documentation that accompanies each appointment
  • Ability to review or request notes

Services Offered

On-Site Parenting Time

  • Takes place on-site
  • Child-friendly, neutral setting
  • Factual documentation notes taken
  • Parent and child/ren fully supervised at all times
  • Access to games, toys, and activities
  • Ability to bring your own items from home
  • Fully trained staff providing supervision
  • Face-to-face time to build rapport and connection in a safe and meaningful manner

Virtual Parenting Time

  • Takes place with each party remotely
  • Fully supervised by staff
  • Factual documentation notes taken
  • May be the most appropriate type of contact or may be used in conjunction with another service
  • Families get to share more intimately (introducing pets, touring pre-approved spaces, etc.)
  • Staff appear on screen at the beginning and end but are present the while time and can intervene at any time to help facilitate emotional comfort

Telephone Access

  • Takes place via a call conference system
  • Audio only
  • Factual documentation notes taken throughout the entire call
  • Can be used in conjunction with another service or alone
  • May be appropriate in cases where in person or virtual parenting time present a significant safety concern


  • The service acts as a drop off and pick up location so parties never have to meet
  • Parent is able to take the child to their home or in community for a specified amount of time with the return being through the services (or sometimes elsewhere such as school)
  • Factual documentation notes are taken
  • Children do not witness any adult conflict or violence at the time of the drop off/pick up

Exchange of Electronic Correspondence

  • The ability to have monitored email exchanges through the service
  • Allows emails, photos, letters, etc. to be shared via the service in a way that is safe and appropriate
  • The service deems what can be sent based on guidelines
  • Allows for monitored and safe communication in cases where this may be the only appropriate means of contact
  • Can be used in conjunction with another service

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