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PowerUp Live

PowerUP Live

YWCA Hamilton’s PowerUp Live supports women entrepreneurs in developing strategies and tactics to keep moving their businesses forward and growing.

We are offering fun and interactive workshops that will take place in our brand-new building in Hamilton with some of our past, current and curious members of our program and community.

Featured speakers will be addressing a variety of topics including starting your business, building resilience, business planning, marketing, finance, operations and legal and much more!

Missed out on a workshop? Not to worry! We’ve digitized the speakers’ presentation for anyone to view at anytime.


Alexis Dean
Scaling Through The Power Of Community

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024
Online via ZOOM

In this workshop you’ll learn to scale your business to new heights using the power of community, connections, partnerships, and collaborations.

You’ll learn the five steps to build a community of raving supporters (not just a silent audience or empty “followers” that feed your ego but not your bank account), how to create deep connections and real relationships with your clients, customers, or prospective customers, how to build partnerships and collaborations for business growth, and the art of business development that feels GOOD.

In this hands-on session you’ll learn from real world examples, you’ll receive frameworks you can implement in your business immediately, and you’ll walk away with a plan to scale in alignment with your vision and values.

Alexis Dean is the Founder and Lead Steward of The Dovetail Community, a community of women on a mission to advance female entrepreneurship through powerful masterminds, online membership, and unforgettable retreat experiences.

With eighteen years of experience and education as a professional facilitator, trainer, consultant, educator, community builder and speaker, Alexis has lived and worked around the world. Prior to launching the Dovetail Community, Alexis founded Two Roads Team Building, a corporate team building, community building, and soft skills training company.

When she’s not at her desk planning the next Dovetail retreat or dinner, you’ll find Alexis hiking, paddleboarding, cold plunging, or tree skiing in winter.

Shelley Vanderbyl
Unleash Creativity

Wednesday, June 26th, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Putman Family YWCA
52 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton ON
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No perfectionism allowed! Led by artist and entrepreneurial visionary Shelley Vanderbyl, this transformative workshop empowers participants, inviting even the least artistically inclined to tap into their creative potential and elevate their entrepreneurial pursuits. Just as Swiss architect Le Corbusier famously spent his morning painting and drawing as a productivity tool before turning to architecture for the day, tap into your own creative side for greater inventiveness! Through the Bad Art | Good Company workshop, Shelley fosters an environment where participants can shed perfectionism, explore their creativity, and unlock new pathways to innovation. Join Shelley in an atmosphere of safety and discover how to infuse your entrepreneurial journey with ingenuity and unblock progress!

Shelley Vanderbyl is not your typical artist. Drawing from her experiences as a preventative surgery “previvor,” cancer survivor, and advocate for mental health, she brings a unique perspective to the world of entrepreneurship. Her conceptually rich paintings, showcased in prestigious collections worldwide, reflect her deep commitment to providing solace and hope in challenging times. Shelley’s impact also extends beyond the canvas. Through her innovative workshops, she bridges the gap between art and business, inspiring entrepreneurs to embrace inner creativity for greater problem-solving and injecting a refreshing sense of wonder into their ventures.

Dr. Claire Odogbo
Strategic Career Planning for Entrepreneurs: Building a Roadmap to Success

Wednesday, July 31st, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Putman Family YWCA
52 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton ON
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The “Strategic Career Planning for Entrepreneurs: Building a Roadmap to Success” course is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and insights necessary to view their entrepreneurial journey as a structured career. Participants will learn how to set clear goals, continuously enhance skills, leverage networking, manage risks, and develop a personal brand, all while planning for the future sustainability of their business.

Dr. Claire Odogbo, founder of Lifetrack Coaching and Consulting, holds a PhD in Economics, an Executive DBA, and an MBA. She is a certified accountant, internal auditor, and leadership coach. With over 15 years of global consulting experience, Claire specializes in helping leaders and their organizations grow by enhancing finance and operational processes. She is an author and executive coach, with works including “Learning to Learn – A Sure-fire Way to Increase Your Academic Performance” and “The 9 Percent: Black Women Leaders Tell It as It Is”. Claire is committed to developing leaders and helping them birth and grow their entrepreneurial dreams. Beyond her professional roles, she enjoys writing and performing music. Claire resides in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and three daughters.


Libby Wildman
How to make money and make it work for you as an entrepreneur.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Putman Family YWCA
52 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton ON
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In a world where financial literacy is key to entrepreneurial success, especially for women at the helm of startups, Libby’s workshops offer invaluable insights and practical advice to navigate the complexities of personal and business finance.

Libby breaks down the essentials of achieving financial independence, making complex concepts accessible and actionable. Her guidance is tailored to help you build a robust financial foundation for your business and personal life.

Join Libby’s workshop for an empowering experience designed to equip female entrepreneurs with the tools and confidence to manage their finances effectively, ensuring a path to financial ease and entrepreneurial success.

Libby has over 35 years of financial services and planning experience. She is the founder of Wildman & Associates, a highly successful management firm that provides a comprehensive set of financial services and life management products. In 2018 she chose to join Davis Rea, to be able to offer her clients more services under one roof. Libby has the expertise, education and industry knowledge to provide insight and the right answers for our client’s individual questions and circumstances. She is a continuous student in both tax and estate planning as well as understanding the psychology behind the “money brain”.

Libby’s unique skill is helping you wade through all the details and the emotions to arrive at a place where your money is a tool that helps you achieve your life goals. She is skilled at helping you have your money work for you and implementing proven strategies to have you arrive at a place where you know what your money can accomplish for you. Dovetail this planning with making sure the appropriate insurance is in place for life’s surprises and taxes, and your have a well-organized financial house.

Christine Tolton
Uncover the secrets to positioning your brand competitively.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2024
6:00pm to 9:00pm
Putman Family YWCA
52 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton ON
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In this engaging and informative workshop, we’ll explore the art and science of marketing, taking a practical approach at key strategies for marketing success. From identifying your target audience and crafting personas to conducting a competitive analysis and uncovering “white space” opportunities, we’ll uncover the secrets to positioning your brand competitively. With real-life examples and templates, we’ll delve into the intricacies of developing key messaging that resonates with your audience, leaving you armed with practical tips to launch your brand in the market.

Christine Tolton is the founder and CEO of Red Cat Marketing, a successful agency focusing on strategy, branding, and digital marketing, celebrating 20 years in business in 2024!

Backed by a Client list that includes startup companies to well-established brands world-wide, Christine is known for her quick strategic mind and for immersing herself in her Clients’ business to truly understand the key drivers that matter. She has an uncanny ability to see beyond the surface level and craft strategic marketing plans that actually do drive results. Clients love her as she focuses on what really matters for their business and provides the analytics and numbers they need to push the brand forward and make a difference.

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, many cups of coffee and a firm belief that everything is “figureoutable”, Christine’s energy is vibrant and alive. She loves to share her expertise and skills, speaking at various events, incubators and on podcasts, spreading the word about all things marketing.

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