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PowerUp Speaker Series Digital Presentations

PowerUP Speaker Series Digital Presentations

YWCA Hamilton Milli Gould Entrepreneurial Centre’s PowerUp Program for Small Business supports women entrepreneurs to develop strategies and tactics to keep moving their businesses forward. We are thrilled to present the PowerUp Speaker Series and Workshops in conjunction with this program.

Partnered with the Hamilton Fempreneurs, we have invited leading women from various fields and expertise to share their knowledge with our PowerUp program participants and community members to learn more, get answers to questions, and gain new skills for their small businesses.

Below you’ll find highlights and summaries from some of our past presenters on various topics. Please note the link will open in a new window.

We have many more speakers and workshops, so be sure to click HERE to find out more information and how to register.

Angie Campanelli
Tips on social media marketing and working with influencers
Angie Campanelli is Marketing Professional and Content Creator with nearly a decade of experience in social media marketing. She’s been managing brand partnerships since Twitter was the only real platform on the content scene and now deals with very large contracts and clients.

Carissa Cosgrove
Building your business using new technologies
In this workshop, Carissa provides an introduction to the world of ecommerce and gives you tools and resources you need to get started. Carissa has been helping small to medium sized businesses build and grow for over 10 years. With specializations in communications, marketing and ecommerce she has helped hundreds of domestic and international clients solve sticky problems and move more quickly towards their goals.

12 Month Marketing Planner
Up your marketing game by using this free marketing planner to identify goals, budget, outcomes and more!

Rachael Collier
Public Relations 101
Rachael Collier is a Hamilton-based independent public relations professional with 12 years of experience working in the Canadian industry. She cut her teeth in the world of large agencies before launching her own business four years ago. Her ability to develop strategic PR programs that move the needle for her clients has earned her a strong reputation in the industry. Her expertise includes media relations, copywriting, influencer relations, and crisis communications.

PR Writing Workshop
Rachael will take you through the elements of building a press kit for your small business and how to effectively communicate your business and biography on your website.

Caroline Wilson
Smarter, Faster, Strong
Customer research and insight for beginners. Caroline has over twenty years’ experience in market research and strategy. She started out working on internal data in the financial services and retail world, and then moved into the agency world, before launching Vireo Research in 2009. Her clients have been mostly large corporate clients over the years, but after launching her own product and online store, she evolved her services to meet the needs of creative and curious entrepreneurs, marketers and innovators.

Kimesha Walters
Leverage media exposure to become unforgettable in a sea of sameness.
Kimesha is the CEO of Oasis Integrated Communications, a Public Relations (PR) firm with operations in Canada and Jamaica, and a focus on helping businesses get more visibility, more leads, clients, and customers.

Kate Davis
Balancing Life with Humour
Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation and to offer creative solutions to defuse the frustrations in the home and workplace. Kate’s generous insight and outspoken character, provides a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation.

Jordana Riis
The Right Website for the Job
Online retail has skyrocketed during the pandemic, and so does the questioning of how to take your business from brick and mortar to online. I will take you through different options out there from selling on Amazon and Etsy, all the way to Shopify and everything in between. This is a great discussion series for anyone who wants to start an online store, already has one but is questioning if it’s right for them or is interested in whether an online store even makes sense for their current business.

Brie Watson
Speak Out & Listen Up!
In this workshop, you will learn how to develop comfort speaking in front of groups and while networking. Brie Watson is the lead instructor and co-owner at Improv Niagara. She is a respected improv instructor and has been on the faculty at The Second City Training Centre for eight years, teaching hundreds of improvisers.

Maya Avelino
From Cubicle to Toolbelt
Whether you’re starting your career, getting back into the workforce, or wanting a complete career change — you have the power to do! Maya worked in corporate sports production for over a decade. After having two kids, she took a risk and left the corporate world and bet on herself to find a career in the unlikeliest of places – carpentry! Join Maya in her journey of leaving an unfulfilling career in an office, to thriving in the male dominated world of carpentry and how you can do the same with your dream career!

Allison Venditti
Running a purpose driven business and so much more
Allison Venditti is a career coach, Human Resources and return-to-work expert with over 15 years of experience creating programs, policy and best practices that improve workplace cultures and increase employee retention. She is the founder of My Parental Leave and Moms at Work, Canada’s largest professional network for working moms.

Alexis Lenihan
How High Performers Think
High Performers are not born; they are conditioned by habit and practice. Learn how to sharpen, heighten and hone the five key areas of High Performance.

Ariane Clark
My Top Do’s and Don’ts of Small Business Ownership
Ariane shares her favourite resources for small business owners, what to avoid, and what to invest in so that you and your business can thrive.

Catherine Riley
SEO & Marketing Secrets for Business Success
Strategic Marketing Professional and SEO expert Catherine Riley teaches you how to transform your online presence while kick-starting your SEO action plan to boost your website’s visibility.

Jackie Porter
Five Financial Lessons Every Female Business Owner Should Know
Jackie is an awarding winning certified financial planner, best-selling author, and featured speaker who has helped thousands of clients grow their net worth, build a fortress around their finances, and keep more of their cash in their pocket for 25 years and counting! Her focus is on empowering women towards financial independence.

Jeaninne Wilson
The Business of Self Care
Workloads, deadlines, and life stresses are a fact of life. With burnout on the rise today, focusing on self-care is necessary for efficiency in your personal and professional life. Join Jeannine in learning how to prioritize your health and how to create an effective self-care plan.

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