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A Warrior’s Journey. Meet Neanette

“I still don’t believe, when I look back at everything that’s happened – that I survived that. But I came out of it feeling positive and stronger.”

Three years ago, Neanette Atanas rolled over in a hot yoga class and her life went sideways. She felt a pain in her breast she knew meant more than it seemed.

Neanette was only 40 at the time, no history of breast cancer in the family, no other obvious risk factors. But she knew. “Intuitively, I just knew that something was wrong.” So she insisted she be sent for the mammogram that probably saved her life. It was a small, aggressive tumour, still Stage 1.

Neanette is a planner. And like any good planner, she created timelines for her recovery. In two months, I’ll be here, she thought. In two weeks, I’ll be able to do this again. She would soon learn that breast cancer recovery doesn’t necessarily work that way.

She was advised by friends to join YWCA Encore, a free 8-week supportive program that educates breast cancer survivors on how to increase their range of motion post-surgery through gentle exercises. They are also taught how treatments and medications affect them physically and mentally and how they can better manage the symptoms.

“Not only was my mind blown, but it changed,” says Neanette after joining Encore. “I learned so much. The program is just designed so well that it’s part educational, part theory. But then really emphasizes the importance of fitness and exercise, too.”

Neanette is on her way to a full recovery.

Funds raised from Move More for Encore will help more warriors like Neanette. With your support we will strengthen and expand services for survivors of breast cancer, go virtual and serve even more warriors.  

By moving more for Encore, you’ll help

Hands holding graphicWarriors who have experienced mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction surgery at any time in their lives connect with other warriors and build lasting friendships to encourage peer support and recovery

Hand holding ipadYWCA Hamilton develop and launch ENCOREplus, an expansion of our traditional ENCORE program that is FREE for warriors and will incorporate virtual programming and access to a full suite of movement inspired healing practices including Pilates Beyond Breast Cancer and Aqua Motion Beyond Breast Cancer

First aid kit graphicMore warriors access critical programs and services grounded in navigating the complex emotional and physical effects of surviving breast cancer

sleeping-iconRaise awareness about the importance of prevention and moving our bodies to help reduce the risks of breast cancer

megaphone iconYourself! Moving more strengthens our emotional and physical health and overall, makes us feel great. BONUS: By moving more, you’ll also sleep better!

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