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Skills Development and Training

We are breaking down barriers.

For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 75 cents. If she’s a woman of colour, she will earn 60 cents.

With the support of our stakeholders and community, we’re breaking down barriers to achieve women’s economic equality. We are dedicated to helping limited income, marginalized groups and individuals overcome barriers to employment.

Discover our Skills Development and Training Programs

  • Milli Gould Entrepreneurial Centre

    We are proud to announce that the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Southern Ontario is now the Milli Gould Entrepreneurial Centre – YWCA Hamilton’s education, training and start-up hub for women-led businesses!

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  • Join Program

    From employment counselling and job search support to networking and accessing safe spaces, Join supports newcomer settlement in Hamilton.

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  • Uplift Program

    Reskill or upskill in advanced manufacturing, data science and specialized technology fields through certification training.

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  • Skilled Trades and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

    No-cost programs that provide participants with technical training and job coaching to start their career in the skilled trades.

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  • Strategic Training and Employment Program (STEP)

    A training program for women and non-binary youth aged 15-30 years old with up to 14 weeks paid job placement.

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  • The Opportunities Program

    A training program that supports persons with self-disclosed disabilities in preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment.

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  • Advancing Women in Skilled Trades

    YWCA Hamilton has been at the forefront of promoting the diversification of the workforce by training women in non-traditional fields and skilled trades.

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  • Equitable Pathway for Young Women

    This project was designed to review best practices to develop a comprehensive strategy to create an equitable pathway for young women from Grade 9 – 12.

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  • YWCA Hamilton Talent

    Are you looking to hire a talented staff member? With our diverse workforce, we have the perfect qualified individual for you!

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  • Maker Space

    Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or just starting on your journey, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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