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Centre of Innovation Maker Space

Welcome to the Makerspace, where innovation meets community empowerment!

Nestled in the Putman Family YWCA building on Ottawa Street, Hamilton, our makerspace is a vibrant hub designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and skill-building in technology.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or just starting on your journey, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

From cutting-edge tools and resources to expert guidance and a diverse community of makers, we’re committed to providing a space where individuals from all backgrounds can explore, learn, and grow together.

Program Background
The Maker Space stands as a testament to the power of community support, made possible through generous donations from Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario who recognize the importance of fostering a space where creativity can flourish. It’s a haven where dreams are brought to life, ideas take shape, and innovation thrives. We eager community members and encourages them to explore their inventive spirit. Here, curiosity knows no bounds, and imagination is given free rein.

MakerSpace Devices

The Makerspace is equipped with 2 FDM(Filament) printers perfect for any level of knowledge or task you require. (ONLY PLA)

Sindoh 3DWOX1 is our “Plug-And-Play” enclosed printer. This printer takes care of most of the biggest problems associated with 3d printing; and streamlines the process without needing to learn the in-depth parts of the technology. The Maker only needs basic 3d printing information to use the Sindoh. This printer is perfect for those whom are completely new to 3D printing, or just want a part for a project but don’t want to learn 3d printing in depth. The Maker has limited control of the machines parts, to make changes to the machine itself. But leaves very little room for human error causing a print to fail.

Our Creality Ender-3 V3 KE is perfect for those wanting to learn the technology in much more depth or already have some knowledge in 3D printing. This printer is one of the newest models available for the Ender-3 series. The go to for any new comer. There is much more the Maker has control of with this newest model. Which means, many more causes for a failed print. You will learn the finer details of each part, what it does and how it affects a prints outcome. This includes being able to troubleshoot a printing issue, by the prints it produces. While it does simplify the process over all to avoid the most common errors; compared to older models; it provides much more flexibility over all. This includes learning error causes in more detail, as well as about upgrades, addons and tools that can improve your prints. Or open to printing in other materials than PLA.

Our space is equipped with the Carbide Nomad3!

This fully enclosed, desktop CNC machine, has an unlimited amount of uses. Though ideal for prototyping, technology and manufacturing; it is also perfect for much more like engraving or carving. The Nomad3 also comes equipped to machine a variety of different materials. Including, wood, synthetic wood, aluminum, acrylic, copper, brass, HDPE, linoleum, and wax.

Our HP DesignJet T650 wide format printer can print any inkjet project up to 36” wide! Extremely easy to use. Perfect for large scale prints like sewing pattern templates or photography prints.

Desktop Computers
The Makerspace has four iMac’s and three Windows desktops to use in conjunction with all our  machines. All desktops will be equipped with any programs needed for any machine. That way, any user can learn on which every OS preference they have! Mac’s can be booked with single or dual screen!

Laptops & Tablets
We have 5 Windows laptops and 18 Android tablets available to book. These are perfect  for group work and having a computer at one of our working tables as you work. These cannot be removed from the Makerspace.

Raspberry Pi
The Makerspace has seven Raspberry Pi’s ready for any individual who would like to jump into learning how to code with Scratch and Python! These are fantastic “mini computers” that come along with fantastic projects for any level, that guide the user as they learn how to code!

Skills Development and Training Stories

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