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Electrician Construction and Maintenance

Electrician Construction and Maintenance

Available at Mohawk College and Niagara College

Now Accepting Applications

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Program Overview

An Electrician (Construction and Maintenance) plans, assembles, connects, installs, repairs, inspects, tests, verifies, and maintains electrical systems in various settings (for example, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial). 309A

They measure, cut, thread, bend, assemble and install conduits, electrical conductor enclosures and supports. Electrical systems include heating, lighting, power, communication, control, security systems and renewable energy and energy storage systems.

An Electrician Construction and Maintenance:

  • lays out, assembles, installs, repairs, maintains, connects and/or tests electrical systems
  • plans installations from blueprints, sketches and specifications and installs all electrical and electronic devices
  • systematically diagnoses faults in electrical and electronic components, as required
  • measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles and installs conduits and other electrical conductor raceways
  • splices and terminates electrical conductors
  • tests electrical and electronic equipment to ensure that they are functioning properly

Successful participants will receive:

  • Job readiness training
  • 31 weeks training
  • Assistance to secure an 8-week placement
  • Financial support for transportation and training cost

To be eligible for these programs, you must fill the following requirements:

  • A minimum of Grade 10 high school education or its equivalent
  • Female, non-binary ages 18+
  • Able to travel to training and work sites

Start Date:

To Be Confirmed – Niagara College

To Be Confirmed – Mohawk College

To apply please complete this form or contact:

Deborah Schwientek,
Manager, Employment and Training Services
Email: dschwientek@ywcahamilton.org

Caron Martin (she/her),
Manager, Employment and Training Services – Skilled Trades
Email: cmartin2@ywcahamilton.org

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