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Erin Dunham

Erin Dunham was born in, lives in, and bleeds Hamilton. As an undergraduate, Erin studied English and writing at Western University before returning to Hamilton for her MBA at McMaster University. Erin’s passion for creative writing survived her business schooling, and she has two published novels. As the CEO of The Other Bird, Erin is one half of the creative team behind a group of restaurants designed to enthrall the taste buds of diners seeking interesting culinary experiences. The Other Bird’s restaurants include Rapscallion Rogue Eatery, Two Black Sheep, Black Sheep Snack Bar, The Mule, Burro Tacos, and the Arlington Hotel. Erin has two Bernese mountain dogs named Sampson and Bruce. She is a painter who loves to sit back with a big fat red wine and a cigar.

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