Being in a grey place for so long not knowing if you will ever see the light any more is a very lonely place to be. Feeling you are not worth much and just knowing that you are more like a robot. Following all the things that have been programmed into your brain and knowing that if you falter you will pay the ultimate price. The price you pay is not what you deserve but you feel you do as you did wrong in some way but not knowing what it was. Your bruises and cuts will heal but the mental illness inside of you will not. You are being punished for the lack of them not liking themselves or who they are but it is you who pays the price. Until one day you have had enough and find the strength to seek the help from some amazing people who help you find the light you have been so long wanting again. It takes time but with every day you grow stronger. Always accepting the help you get you where you can be strong on your own. Knowing that they will be there when you need them to help you through the rough times as you know there will be some yet to come. One day you finally see that light you were looking for and you can make good choices for you and your family of you have some. You become more independent and start to learn that you can accomplish a lot of things. I know that an abused woman can become strong I know this as I was one of those abused women and today I am strong!!! -May

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Paper Mache mask featuring a 3-D butterfly as the mouth. The mask is half yellow, decorated with floers and butterflies and half white, decorated with silver sparkles.

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