Left Side – Represents ages 0-16 House on fire, never a safe place. Mother is red with anger, violent and abusive. No head nothing personal, empty, scared, unloved punching bag and a slave. Broken heart, no love confused, stupid, unlovable and scatter brained. Right Side Bottom – ages 18 – 50 Broken mom, broken kids, still broken hearted. House now burning I have developed into half a person Right Side Top – age 50 My pink house (Phoenix Place). The first time in my whole existence I was not afraid. I became a whole person, went to school beat cancer! Life can be hard. I have always believed from the age of 5 that it would get better. It wasn’t east, at 50 my son and I arrived at Phoenix Place. Life changed for the better more than better the BEST. Through Phoenix Place I learned to not be afraid, stand up for myself. To change myself to raise my youngest son in the best of my ability. He graduated, I beat cancer and went back to school. Life is good, without Phoenix Place I would not have been able to get the emotional skills I lacked. I was taught to tap (stress relief) which helps with my anxiety and helped me through my cancer battle. Life is good I can now identify my issues and ask for help. Phoenix Place changed my life! -Jean

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Paper mache mask pain, red red, yellow and black, decorated with stick figures, houses and hearts.

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