Every Step I Take Yesterday I was still. As I try to walk today, I feel wheezy and frightened. The fear of the unknown becomes entrenched in my veins. The site of that familiar face creates a heartbeat, unstoppable. The pain in my heart, piercing as if sliced in half and stillness happens. As my REM’s are non-existing it’s difficult to walk again. My struggles to rest and recover, healing from this journey. Have faith within and the strength and hopes that there will be light. I’m worthy to be in this world without conflicted fear upon me. My coping skills and safety planning have saved my life. To my many supporting staff you are a life saver. To the people who believed in me, you are right! I am strong beyond a doubt! – Trudy

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Paper Mache mask features a black line down the center of the face, a black eye and cigarette on the one side, a healthy eye and pink lips on the other.

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