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Women belong in the Skilled Trades. Opportunities for women in non-traditional occupations have been growing for years, and we’ve seen so many women and gender-diverse people thrive. Despite facing barriers like gender discrimination, women in Skilled Trades have succeeded in “proving them wrong.” Now, they have careers they love, stability, and the confidence to know they can take on anything. We’ve talked to women in Skilled Trades around the world to share their stories, and inspire others to pursue a career in Skilled Trades.

We created the hashtag #ActuallyICan to tell the stories of these amazing women realizing their potential and excelling in a career they’re passionate about. Use the hashtag #ActuallyICan to share your story of succeeding in traditionally male-dominated spaces!


Meet Emily Pyke, Automotive Service Technician

How did you get into skilled trades?

I fell in love with automotive in high school. I took an auto course just to learn some basic things for my own car, and from the moment I walked into the shop, I was obsessed. I loved working with my hands, and I surprised myself when I figured out I was good at it too. I haven’t left the shop since that day.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about being a mechanic is the diversity, every car brings a different task with it. I am always learning something new, because there are so many different types of vehicles on the road. As the industry changes towards electric vehicles, there will always be an opportunity to learn more.


What advice would you give to a woman looking to get into skilled trades?

Remember that you ARE enough. On the days when you feel defeated, tired, and sore, remember that you are good enough and you can do it. I struggled for a long time thinking that I didn’t deserve to be where I was, that I had somehow fooled everyone into believing that I could do this job. But I was doing

the job every single day, and I was good at it, so I stopped questioning myself and believed in my abilities, I have been much happier since then.


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