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Women belong in the Skilled Trades. Opportunities for women in non-traditional occupations have been growing for years, and we’ve seen so many women and gender-diverse people thrive. Despite facing barriers like gender discrimination, women in Skilled Trades have succeeded in “proving them wrong.” Now, they have careers they love, stability, and the confidence to know they can take on anything. We’ve talked to women in Skilled Trades around the world to share their stories, and inspire others to pursue a career in Skilled Trades.

We created the hashtag #ActuallyICan to tell the stories of these amazing women realizing their potential and excelling in a career they’re passionate about. Use the hashtag #ActuallyICan to share your story of succeeding in traditionally male-dominated spaces!


Meet Melody Lavarez, Welding Instructor


Where is your favourite place skilled trades has taken you?
To jobs in construction, and also the university here in Philippines.

How did you get into skilled trades?
I have been in trades since 2008, when I became interested in taking on a new challenge and working in a male-dominated field.

How have you grown through your work in skilled trades?
I have faced a lot of discrimination. Men have bullied me, and some of the companies have rejected me for being a woman, but I prove them all wrong. I work hard.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?
To communicate with other people and learn new skills

What advice would you give to a woman looking to get into skilled trades?
Be more patient Love your work Be different Be creative


“Actually I can prove them all wrong and work hard”


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