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Women in Skilled Trades Profile – Brittany Gentilhomme - YWCA Hamilton

Women in Skilled Trades Profile – Brittany Gentilhomme

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Women belong in the Skilled Trades. Opportunities for women in non-traditional occupations have been growing for years, and we’ve seen so many women and gender-diverse people thrive. Despite facing barriers like gender discrimination, women in Skilled Trades have succeeded in “proving them wrong.” Now, they have careers they love, stability, and the confidence to know they can take on anything. We’ve talked to women in Skilled Trades around the world to share their stories, and inspire others to pursue a career in Skilled Trades.

We created the hashtag #ActuallyICan to tell the stories of these amazing women realizing their potential and excelling in a career they’re passionate about. Use the hashtag #ActuallyICan to share your story of succeeding in traditionally male-dominated spaces!


Meet Brittany Gentilhomme, Assistant Superintendent

Where is your favourite place skilled trades has taken you?
Working in construction has allowed me to move out of my parents’ house, pay off my student loans in 5 years, move across the country and work with awesome people.

How did you get into skilled trades?
After college, I couldn’t find work that related to my degree. I tried landscaping for a summer and I loved it. That turned into a year-round job.

My dad has been in construction as a superintendent my whole life and told me to go to college so I wouldn’t have to work in construction. Landscaping was like the gateway trade for me to prove to my dad, the world and myself that I could and wanted to work in construction. I took the first opportunity I had to interview as an assistant super and I’ve been learning on the job for 3 years since.

What advice would you give to a woman looking to get into skilled trades?
You are capable and there is great opportunity for women in this industry right now. If you show up to work and learn your role every day, you will be successful and you can go as far as you want with your ambition. And the money is good.


Actually I Can move across the country and work with awesome people.”


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