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Born with the natural ability to capture moments and a humanitarian passion, Monique Campbell has cultivated an exceptional awareness of her environment and the emotions of others. With her work and photography business, Moments by Monique, she aims to inspire individuals to cultivate empathy and compassion towards one another, recognizing that each person carries a unique story that may remain unheard.


Established in 2016, Moments by Monique began as a venture into humanitarian photography which describes the portrayal of impactful narratives of the emotional and social challenges faced by individuals and communities. Over the years, Monique expanded her portfolio to include fine arts photography. She has participated in exhibitions across Ontario, as well as British Columbia and internationally in Paris, France and South Carolina, U.S.A. However, her journey was not without challenges. Monique entered the world of photojournalism at a time when few women were in the field, eventually exploring wedding photography for a decade. It was only later that she embraced her true artistic calling – humanist street photography.


To move forward, Monique faced the task of formulating a business plan and delving into the analysis of industry trends. She recognized the importance of seeking assistance, particularly when contemplating potential rebranding strategies expand of her business to be more reflective of her passion and work. She learned about the PowerUP Ready program offered through the Milli Gould Entrepreneurial Centre, attended the information session, and thought to herself “Why not?”


YWCA Hamilton’s PowerUP Ready program is a free 10-week program focuses on creating a business plan, building resilience, marketing, finance, operations and legal, and offering lectures from trained business advisors and industry experts.


After successfully completing the program, Monique exclaimed “It was amazing! An incredible amount of work and effort went into it. I highly recommend, to any women-led business owners, to enroll in the program.”


With guidance from PowerUP business advisors Brigitte Huard and Rene Morrison, Monique refined her business approach, rebranded her business to reflect her passion, and crafted a formal business plan, a first in her 35 years of entrepreneurship. Reflecting on her journey, Monique advises other women entrepreneurs to follow their passions and leverage community support, “In my 35 years of running a business, I never really had a business plan. I worked from one gig to another. But the opportunity to have this free program that taught me how to write a business plan, I leapt at it.”


Monique advises fellow women-led business-owners “Follow your passions! And, utilize your community when it comes to developing your business. Do not hesitate to help each other and your community out”.


The impact of the program continues to shape Monique’s work. She shared “I wanted to have a focus on my business and I am still using the skills and tools for my business from the PowerUP Ready program, even after I have graduated”.


Beyond her business, Monique co-moderates the Instagram hub @aftervivian, dedicated to the memory of photographer Vivian Maier and uplifting the street photography of women and non-binary individuals.


To check out Monique’s exhibitions and support her work, visit Moments by Monique’s website: https://www.momentsbymonique.com/


You can also follow Monqiue on Instagram @moments_by_monique


Some of Monique’s work:

(A black and white portrait of a person drinking from a tea cup

(A picture of a sofa in a field, covered with snow

(A portrait of a woman wearing traditional clothing and walking with wooden planks on

A black and white portrait of a woman holding a magazine

The impact of the PowerUP program is made possible thanks to support from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the Allen and Milli Gould Family Foundation.


To learn more about our PowerUP Program and other programs offered through the Milli Gould Entrepreneurial Centre, visit our website at www.ywcahamilton.org/milli-gould-centre/

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